An Art Studio with a Touch of Glass

Paint and Wine Corva​llis


The main artist at Paint and Wine is the owner, Brandie Stucky. She grew up in a painting family and learned a lot from her mom and grandfather. Paint and Wine is a memory to these two wonderful artists.

Guest Artists:

Maureen Frank  has a passion for Mandala Art. She has lived in Corvallis for 17 years and has even created a Mandala coloring book. Please come explore the world of Mandala with Maureen.

Steven Hoke comes to Corvallis from North Carolina with previous Paint and Wine experience.  Steven is also a full time teacher in Lebanon, OR. We are so excited for you to meet him and see what bow tie he wears this week!

Amber Carlson is our newest addition and she excels with fun animal paintings. New to Corvallis from Arizona, she studied art in college and has a wonderful way of sharing her passion.

Jennifer Goodenough is a long time resident of the Corvallis area. Her paintings are directed to younger children as she learned a love for working with them during her many years of volunteering in the Dominican Republic.  Keep an eye out for birthday party packages as we develop our children's painting program!

Snacks & wine

Our house wines are $5 per glass and include 3 reds, 4 whites, 2 pinks and a dessert port. Our house wines are from Willamette Valley tasting rooms. We also have wines for sale by the bottle, to share with friends, for $25-37. In addition we have the following menu:

Beer & Cider

Mazama 12oz ...$5

​Mazama 22oz  ...$8

Atlas Cider  ...$5

Cold Beverages
Bottled Water   ...$1

Pepsi with real sugar ...$2
Seltzer Water ...$2
San Pellegrino ...$3
Natural Diet Zevia Cola …$3

Mocha Frappucinno  ...$4
Hot Beverages (Keurig Machine)
Coffee …$2
Tea ...$2
Apple Cider ...$2
Hot Chocolate ...$2

Snacks (pre packaged)
Lindor Truffles ...50c
Chocolate Chip Cookies ...$1

​GF/DF Chocolate Chip Cookies ...$1
Cheddar Popcorn GF ...$1

Multi Grain GF Crackers ...$2
Almonds ...$2
Tuna/Chicken Salad ...$2
Bean Dip & GF Crackers ...$3

Hummus & Pita Chips or GF ...$3

​Sunbutter & GF Crackers ...$3
Barilla Pasta ...$5
GoPicnic Meal Boxes Turkey & GF ...$6

​(Subject to changes)


Did you know?  

We are not a Franchise.  We are a small local business and we use small local businesses as resources for many of our business purchases. Also, we intend to help support arts and small organizations in our local community.  Your patronage makes a huge impact.  Thank you!

FAQ'S (FREQUENTLY asked questions!)

How do I sign up for a class?
Sign up for class using our online Calendar. The calendar shows what days paintings are being featured, what time the class starts, how much that class costs and who will be teaching. Simply click on the painting you want to paint and you will be able to "Pay and Reserve". This will allow you to pay for and reserve your spot! Your class reservation will be sent via email (check your junk email folder). And that is it! If you have any special requests you can include them in the notes section when you pay, or email us at: (If you pay for a class, please add this email to your inbox, otherwise your receipts and class reminder and/or cancellation notices, may end up in your Junk Email. We will not add you to any email list or newsletter with out your permission.)

Mobile Users! Please be on the look out for the "Mobile Friendly Calendar Link" buttons located throughout our website (see bottom of this page). This link will facilitate your view of the calendar!

Note about our payment system: We use Square register and Square Online Store. This payment system is used by millions of businesses. They have an excellent security history and a great customer feedback system.

If you would prefer to pay in person, please see the calendar for our open daytime office hours.

What is the cost of a Paint and Wine Corvallis class?
Generally our classes are $39 each, but the price will depend on many factors, including duration and the instructor. Our calendar will show the price for each painting. Senior citizens, 65 and over, get a 10% discount. (Seniors - to get the 10% discount enter the word "SENIOR65" for the promotion code at check out.)

Are Minors Allowed?
Children under 18 are welcome to attend our evening workshops but must be with a parent or guardian approved adult. A good general rule, when deciding if a young person can join a paint time, is to look at the length of the class on the calendar, then decide if they are capable of sitting still and following directions for that amount of time. We have had clients as young as 11 in our evening classes and 6 in our Kids classes. Minors age 18 and older are allowed to attend at any time. Minors under 18 cannot be dropped off and any children coming in must have at least 1 adult for every 2 children.

What is included in the price?
We provide canvases, non toxic acrylic paint, brushes, easels, aprons and step by step instructions with a demonstration of each step. For no extra charge we provide a chance for you to explore a new part of your brain! Come as you are, leave with art!

Is Alcohol Included in the price? 
No, the local laws do not allow for this. However...locally sourced house wine is only $5 per glass. We also have a some wine available by the bottle, if you bring a friend. In addition we have beer and cider. We also offer soft drinks, bottled water, coffee, tea and light snacks for sale.
Please see SNACKS&WINE for more details. Menu is subject to change.
​PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to drink wine you MUST have a CURRENT and valid I.D. that shows you are not a minor whether you are 21 or 101. This is for insurance purposes and there will be NO exceptions.

Can I bring my own bottle of wine?
We are not a BYO facility. If you bring your own bottle, there will be a $15 corking fee. Please note that only 750ml or smaller bottles are allowed and our limited license prohibits you from leaving with a partially full bottle.

What do I wear?
We will provide aprons, but recommend that you wear paint friendly clothes - just in case! Dried on acrylic paint does not come out easily and will leave a permanent stain.

What time do I need to arrive for a class?
Please arrive 10 to 20 minutes early to sign in, find your seat and place your beverage/snack order. When you get your reminder email, take note of the class size, bigger classes require more people to check in early, so that we can start class on time.

​What is your cancellation policy?
​Cancel with 48 hours to spare and we have a 100% refund cancellation policy except for Private Events. If you cancel 48-4 hours before class, we will gladly apply your payment towards a new class within the next 60 days.  Last minute cancellations or "no shows" are not eligible for credit or refund. Of course, we understand that "life" happens, so please contact us, so we can find a solution that makes you happy. If Paint and Wine needs to cancel a class, due to lack of enrollment or any other reason, you will be offered a full refund. PLEASE NOTE: some online offers may have different cancellation policies attached. Please read your deal carefully.

Will I receive a confirmation when I purchase my tickets?
Our online store provider, Square, should email you a confirmation. Also, please look for an email the evening before class for confirmation and class size. You do not need to bring the confirmation with you. If you receive the reminder email, then we have your reservation.

​Is there a minimum class size?
Yes, we must have a minimum of 8 people for a class to be held. If the class minimum is not met at least 48 hours before a class is due to start, it may get cancelled. If Paint and Wine needs to cancel a class, due to lack of enrollment or any other reason, you will be offered a full refund.

How long is a class?
Classes last approximately 2 - 3 hours. Please see the calendar for approximate length of each painting time. We do the best we can to stick to the times posted, but class size, late starts and overall "personality" of the class can all cause adjustments to the posted time. We LOVE fun classes with big personality, just for the record!!

What time are classes held?
​Usually 6pm on weeknights and 5pm on Saturdays but times can vary for special painting occasions. Please see the online Calendar for the most up to date class information. Also, please be on the lookout for senior center daytime classes and kid's classes. We hope to offer these very soon!

​​Do I have to paint the featured painting of the night?
People are welcome to paint whatever they want to paint during our classes.  We are set up to instruct you on the painting of the night but if you would like to do something different you will not be discouraged! Please understand that we will help as much as we can but may be limited by making sure we stay on schedule.

Do I have to use the colors in the example painting?
If you want different colors, than those that appear on the featured painting, please contact us at LEAST 2 hrs before class. We pre fill palettes and do not like to waste paint - thank you for understanding.

What if I come with my significant other and we don't want two of the exact same painting?
We will try to accommodate creativity so you can leave the night with unique canvas art for your home. If this is a real concern, please contact us so that we can recommend paintings that are easily adaptable to change. Also, be on the lookout for our "couples" classes. Two paintings that complement each other!

Can we host a private party at Paint and Wine Corvallis?
​​Yes! Contact us for details on hosting your next birthday party, team building event, bachelorette party or family reunion at Paint and Wine Corvallis. We are not able to offer group discounts for private events. The "Parties" tab has some information on pricing for a Private Party. Email for more details. ​

Do you offer off-site parties?
We are not set up to transport our supplies off site at this time.

explore yourself

Have you ever been told that art is only found in one side of the brain?  We do not believe that.  Art, in it's different forms, actually comes from both sides of the brain.  Some have more of a mathematical "art brain" and some a more creative "art brain".

We endeavor to tap into whatever part of your brain the artist is stored and help you bring it out, all while having a great time.  So book a date night, a night out with friends, a team building event...or come alone (we promise you will not be lonely!)

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